Man Vs. Production pics!
Below are some pics from our recent shoot:

Ted works at the Pizza Palace to pay for classes at night law school. Today he received a stack of unpaid bills.
Unhappy Ted

Da Bomb! Ted’s Mac laptop re-configured as a bomb. Hurry up and defuse it, Floyd!
Tha Bomb!

Pictured below are Andreas Wood (the Director of Photography for MAN VS.) and Barry Neely (sound and boom operator). If Man Vs. is a professional baseball player, these guys are the steroids that hit home runs!
Adreas Wood (DP of Man Vs.) and Barry Neely (sound)

Floyd contemplates injustice (and his goldfish):
Floyd contemplates injustice
Trivia: Listen carefully to Floyd’s prayer at the beginning of Man Vs. Electricity and you’ll hear his prayer to his goldfish!

Trevor Boelter (Ted) and Stephanie Little (Ted’s date) find Floyd thick in the middle of an electrocution! Stephanie Little coined the famous “Boys are weird!” line which is hilarious! We can’t wait to work with Stephanie again!
Stephanie Little and Trevor Boelter

ManVs. believes that two and 1/4 films achieved perfection: 1) MAD MAX 2) THE ROAD WARRIOR 3) the first quarter of MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME.
mad-max-v8-interceptor-2.jpgmadmaxbeyondthunderdome.jpgroadwarrior1.jpgimages-1.jpgLor Humungus

And then there’s ACTION JACKSON
God decided to make the perfect action film, and viola. The world was handed ACTION JACKSON.
Carl Weathers, where are you?
Carl Weathers- ROCKYCarl Weathers

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