07 – MAN VS. Bomb

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  1. Bryan Says:

    This one gets 5 stars. Really funny and I can’t wait for more of the MAN.

  2. Bryan Says:

    First off I have to say I work with Matt Duggan at the AF and I think he’s brilliant. I have an idea for a future episode. I love the electricity one where the girl freaks out and runs away. I have an idea for Man Vs. Demon.

    Episode starts with Floyd’s roommate sitting in a dark room on the couch with a girl. She is saying how comfortable she feels with him and what a great date they just had, small chit chat…..enter Floyd creeping up in the back. Floyd thinks the new girl is a demon wanting to suck his soul. He tackles her to the floor and puts duck tape on her mouth and ties her to a chiar meanwhile Floyd’s roommate is screaming at Floyd asking him what the hell he’s doing. Floyd says that the woman is really a demon and she wants to suck both of their souls out of them. She’s looking at him with scared eyes and he yells to his roommate to avoid the eyes, that’s how she sucks mens’s souls…..well you get the rest…Floyd does not win and starts foaming at the mouth and falls to the ground dead. Floyd’s roommate unties the girl and takes the ducktape off trying to say he’s sorry but she says he’s a freak and runs away…maybe through a fake window but that would be to hard probably……door is fine too. Just an idea that I think is funny……run with it if you like.

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