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MAN VS. and web series

After a looong hiatus, I am working on new webisodes of MAN VS. I think taking a fair amount of time off has been a good thing. It has allowed me to ruminate over MAN VS. and the series in general. I hit a wall about a year ago; we had been cranking out episode after episode, and frankly, I think I got burned out. We have been pumping out MAN VS. episodes for what feels like eons now, and we never took a break. Our last episode was MAN VS. SHINE, which now seems appropriate to be the episode which burned me out. MAN VS. SHINE doesn’t really fit the MAN VS. model. Floyd doesn’t foil Ted’s day in some way. Floyd does die, but that is only half the equation. MAN VS. SHINE was sort of a vanity project for me. I have always loved the film SHINE, and I have always been fascinated with the RACH 3. So it was a technical thrill for me to write this episode, then direct it in a way that tried to convincingly show Floyd actually playing the RACH 3, which if you ask any pianist is a technically-horrific piece to play. Sergei Rachmaninoff had unusually long fingers, so for him, the reach and demands of this piece weren’t as difficult as for someone who didn’t have the same physical attributes as far as fingers are concerned.

Anyway, it looks like the band is getting back together. I have been thinking a lot about MAN VS. lately, and I am having strong longings. I miss it. And some fun ideas are coming to mind. For example, I’ve been thinking about Floyd. He won $80,000 in the lottery. That’s how he funds his insane hobby of faking deaths. Well, I think his bank account must be nearly depleted by now. Sort of makes sense that he would have to see his accountant. What a great opportunity for a new episode, and what a great way to start off a new season. Floyd is out of money, he needs to see his accountant. I’ve also been thinking of MAN VS. KING’S SPEECH. Just the thought of it makes me laugh. And definitely MAN VS. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

On a side-note: My web guy, who manages my web sites, his name is Jimmy. I have given him the nickname “Snake Face.” Why? Because he has an elaborate snake tattoo on his face. (check out this interview with Jimmy for a fuller picture “Jimmy Interview“). He’s a little scary. He emailed me the other day and basically said that if I don’t start blogging, he’s going to break my knees. Since I know that Jimmy has done this to victims of his wrath, I am now going to start blogging. This site, MAN VS. FILMS DOT COM, is going to be all things MAN VS.

If you’re interested in hearing/reading about my other projects, and some random stuff, visit my other website,

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