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Smile at all times. Even when you have a knife pointed at you. Which is what happened to me the other day when I was in the alley behind the Taco Bell on Valley Vista Boulevard out in North Hollywood. The bathroom in the restaurant was occupied and my bladder was having a fit, so without another option, I hustled behind the Taco Bell and found some privacy. At least enough to pull down my suspenders and my pants, then squat (don’t ask. It’s how I learned when I was a kid). And then there was the knife. In my face. Let’s just say not much pee hit the pavement.

Getting mugged behind a Taco Bell with your pants down stinks!

2 Responses to “Ted’s Thought For The Day”

  1. Alfafa Sproutz Says:

    Wait a minute…behind the taco bell? Couldn’t you have just done that in the restaurant. Wait a minute, can you even call Taco Bell a restaurant…not a cafe for sure, but you can sit down, but there’s no tv – ever notice that? no tv, can’t watch the game at the taco bell. Screw it, the alley is better.

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