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Hanif’s suggestion:
Karate Kid
Hey guys! Love your show. I would like to see a “Man Vs.
Karate Kid” or something with some martial arts cuz I loved the “Man
Vs. Dragon.” Keep up the good work.
Thanks Hanif! We’d love to have an episode where Floyd kicks the crap out of Ralph Macchio and then Mr. Miyagi makes an appearance and snaps Floyd’s neck and then makes Ted wax his car!

2 Responses to “MAN VS. RALPH MACCHIO!”

  1. Karni Says:

    HAHAHAHAAAA!!! This is the perfect spin of the 90’s action hero idea! Except one problem, Mr. Miyagi is no longer with us. 🙁

  2. Man Vs. Says:

    Youza! It would be Mr. Miyagi- From Beyond The Dead.

    I heard that he actually cheated death and is kicking it in Maui.

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