Man Vs. Zorro- family style!
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Man Vs. Zorro- family style!

Here’s another one from David!
inside a house: we see Floyd wearing a mask, cape (ala Zorro) and whacking the walls with a rapier.

Ted is walking up to the house with two people (man and woman).
“How was the flight mom?” he asks

Floyd is jumping furniture and waving his sword around, he squirts blood on himself

“Well here is my house.” Ted seems a little apprehensive.

Floyd dives out a window.

“My room mate is a little. would you rather stay at a hotel?” says Ted

Floyd backs around a corner of the house as if a fighting retreat, everyone turns to look.

“NOOO!” yells ted. “Not in front of my parents!”

Floyd covered in fake blood and injuries, staggers over to ted and his parents. I am done senorita and senior..
.(gasping) avenge me!” he kisses Ted’s moms hand and puts a sword in her hand and pushes one to Ted’s Dad and
then collapses to the ground.

Teds mom and dad look at each other and ted.
Ted stammers “Ohh! I am so sorry about that”

Suddenly Ted’s mom Shouts “YAAA!!!” waves the sword and runs for the house corner, her
husband behind her yelling like a pirate. they do the Same as floyd was doing.

Ted looks stunned and yells “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

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