Here’s David’s idea:

floyd is seated watching television and we see a an alien face hugger slither across
the floor toward him. Floyd sense something and pulls out a large gun, looks around
in fear, shakes his head, drops the gun, picks up a chainsaw, looks around again.
drops it and picks up a tiny paring knife and begins to stalk through the house.
suddenly from no-where the alien face hugger lands on floyds face and he rampages
through the house smashing into things struggling with the creature. Ted comes
through the door “wha.. the..?” floyd expires onto the floor. as Ted begins to
berate floyd for the mess he again made… floyd suddenly sits up and screams, rips
open his shirt and flings spegetti (sp) and a rubber snake on ted.
-Thanks David! This is really funny and would be easy to shoot. We just might do it! Keep the ideas coming!

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