World War II Wants Floyd!
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World War II Wants Floyd!

Here’s Brian’s idea:
World War II

“Idea 1 – Man Vs Nazis

This one might be a take-off from the “Eagle Has Landed”. Nazis are
hiding in the house pretending to be visitors/party goers, then Floyd
spots the Nazi uniforms beneath their cloths… It gets bad from

Idea 2 – Man Vs Destroyer. The house is transformed into a submarine
scene as depth charges and sonar assault the home from a fictional
Destroyer. For fun use a battleship (not very accurate) like the
Yamamoto and some cut scenes from old wwII movies.

And PLEASE, could you get a cute woman or two in the scenes? It
always improves it (see man vs. electricity). How about Man vs
Amazons for goodness sake.”

Nice ideas and we hear you re: the babes. How about MAN VS. WORLD WAR II AMAZON BABES?!

Thanks Brian!

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World War II Wants Floyd!
  • 7 May 2007
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Man Vs. will be featured on Veoh 5/7/07! Check it out at Sweetness! Matt