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MAN VS. WINTER (the speedos version!)

Here’s an idea from Melissa Q:
Winter storm

“I think you should do MAN VS. WINTER! You could wear
speedo’s and battle it out during a snow storm!
you can head up to the nearest ski mountain and just roll down? I
don’t know, something with speedo’s and snow.”
-Melissa Q

Thanks Melissa! Looks like Floyd might be sportin’ the speedo and runnin in the snow!

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  1. David Says:

    inside a house: we see Floyd wearing a mask, cape (ala Zorro) and whacking the walls with a rapier.

    Ted is walking up to the house with two people (man and woman).
    “How was the flight mom?” he asks

    Floyd is jumping furniture and waving his sword around, he squirts blood on himself

    “Well here is my house.” Ted seems a little apprehensive.

    Floyd dives out a window.

    “My room mate is a little…. would you rather stay at a hotel?” says Ted

    Floyd backs around a corner of the house as if a fighting retreat, everyone turns to look.

    “NOOO!” yells ted. “Not in front of my parents!”

    Floyd covered in fake blood and injuries, staggers over to ted and his parents. “I am done senorita and senior..
    .(gasping) avenge me!” he kisses Ted’s moms hand and puts a sword in her hand and pushes one to Ted’s Dad and
    then collapses to the ground.

    Teds mom and dad look at each other and ted.
    Ted stammers “Ohh! I am so sorry that…”

    Suddenly Ted’s mom Shouts “YAAA!!!!” waves the sword and runs for the house corner, her
    husband behind her yelling like a pirate. they do the Same as floyd was doing.

    Ted looks stunned and yells “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

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