Interview with Guest Actor Sean Pritchett!
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Interview with Guest Actor Sean Pritchett!

Sean Pritchett
Sean Pritchett is one busy actor. He performs in a hilarious sketch comedy show called Fries on the Side, he acts the hell out of Shakespeare, he’s in movies, TV… you name it he does it. So how the hell did MAN VS. get him to guest star in MAN VS. PIRATES? We bribed him, used a little extortion, then added just a dash of black mail…and Voila!

So on a sunny day, sitting on a park bench beneath the shade of a willow tree, we interviewed Sean. Enjoy!

MAN VS.: So cool, you played an evil pirate in MAN VS. PIRATES. How’d you get involved with MAN VS.?

SP: Well, I thought I got involved with MAN VS the old fashioned way: By performing alongside and befriending Matt Duggan and Trevor Boelter years ago. But apparently me being “Evil” had a lot to do with it too… you said I was perfect for the role. Your exact words were: “We need gold, we need you.” In preparing for this, you suggested I watch “Ghandi.” And here we are, in a bar with no floor, drinking something I can’t pronounce and you’re telling me I played Evil. I’m so confused right now…

MAN VS.: Have you ever been keelhauled?

SP: Never!

MAN VS.: What’s your favorite MAN VS. episode?

SP: I’m happy to say I was a big fan of this series since it began, so I’ve seen and enjoyed them all. MAN VS. ELECTRICITY is my favorite. The part where Floyd pushes himself as he’s walking sets me off every time – such a great detail.

MAN VS.: Seriously, have you ever been keelhauled?

SP: Okay yes, once. A couple years back at the Lake of the Ozarks. I asked a local for the time and things went downhill from there. Luckily, the boat they used was only a toy one that tows a water-skiing squirrel, so, I came out pretty much unscathed. The squirrel, however, had the shakes for about a week but made a fine recovery.

MAN VS.: Is it true that Johnny Depp called you all pissed-off and in a drunken rage b/c MAN VS. selected you to play PIRATE BLACK-EYE and not him? And is it true that Gore Verbinski slashed your tires?

SP: Well, yes. But I took them to be good signs: Depp has my number, and Verbinski knows my car – the glass is half-full, my friend.

MAN VS.: What projects are you working on now? Anything you’d like to plug?

SP: Sure! I can be seen with SHOWERED & READY ( and FRIES ON THE SIDE ( – two very funny and very different sketch comedy troupes in Los Angeles. Then I’ll be performing with ISC ( in their season of Free Shakespeare in the Park. You can also see me as a Prodouchebag in the Writer’s Strike short: HOLLYWOOD RUMBLE (

MAN VS.: OK, so you’re in the engine room of a nuclear submarine and you only have one bullet left. Who would’ve known the Cook was going to try and sabotage the sub?! And to complicate matters, you guys are parked right beneath Disney’s state-of-the-art, new Arctic Wonderland that has been built entirely on a large floating ice cap. It’s opening day and there are 200,000 children from more than 30 countries- all right above you. If that Cook drops the activator liquid into the thingy-magingy, there’s one big kaboom and all those kiddies will be introduced to Mr. Mushroom Cloud. Do you a) Resign yourself to the reality that nothing can be done, light up a Rolled-Gold and enjoy some fine tabakee; b) Work your way through various ventilation shafts, squeeze through ridiculously tight passageways, and nearly avoid steam exhausts until you have the Cook in your sights. You take aim with your Glock and then fire baby, fire; c) Call Scarlet Johannson and tell her that she’s gonna have a lonely sleep tonight but that you’d like to get some good, honest phone sex in before it’s die-time; or D) You tell us

SP: All very feasible options. Right now I’m inclined to say that I’d probably get on the intercom and say something like: “Attention all crew members, due to a navigational error, we are not actually where we thought we were. We’re nowhere. I know the charts say we’re somewhere, but they’re on the fritz. Now look, It’s gonna take some time to correct this, but the Captain has kindly offered to open the kitchen, so please see the Cook with any requests.” Then we’d all head over, have a couple drinks, tell stories. I’d order a steak and keep sending it back. After everyone had their fill, I’d walk into the kitchen, point my gun at the Cook, and make him take out the activator liquid. I’d make him pour it over my now incredibly well-done steak, watch him eat it, then call Scarlet and tell her I saved a bunch of kids – see if that did anything for her.

MAN VS.: Have you ever killed a V-Rex (Vampire bred with a T-Rex)?

SP: Aren’t they endangered? I think they’re endangered. No comment.

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