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Man Vs. Your Ideas!

Here’s what Billy Keller suggests:

“He should fight some Zombies”

The Ugliest Woman Alive!
The Ugliest Woman Alive
Here’s an idea from Doug:

“How about MAN VS. Cop.
I would like to have sex with Trevor”

It’s a free country, Doug! But man, you like ’em ugly.


Yo, here’s an idea all the way from Denmark:
shwack13 suggests that we do Man Vs. Hackers
Man Vs. Hackers
Dig it! We love the ideas- keep ’em coming!
Ideas Galore!
OK, Quasimodo Productions just sent us a grocery list of KILLER IDEAS. We need a corporation to sponsor us so we can shoot these. Hey Wal-Mart, throw us some coin! Some of Quasi’s ideas were: Man Vs. War; Man Vs. Twilight Zone (think about it- Floyd could be Rod Sterling and introduce the episode!) and a kick-ass version of Man Vs. Dragon (part 2) that even includes a jaw-dropping reveal of Floyd’s past with the 1,000 Ninjas!

But here’s the capper:
Seventh Seal
Ingmar Bergman was a profoundly influential filmmaker and his genius was admired by all here at Man Vs. We definitely want to do some sort of tribute to him.
-Thanks Quasimodo Productions!

Phone Booth

“man vs. phone where someone
tries to kill him? or perhaps he pretends someone is stalking him. Hah
i don’t know maybe you can turn that into something good! Anyways like
your stuff keep up el good worko. Peace out have a good one.”
Thanks Andrew K! We love this one- maybe Floyd will have an Irish accent and we spoof Colin Farrell in Schumacher’s PHONE BOOTH!

Seafood in paradise:

“Ted prepares a tasty, buttery lobster for dinner. But just before he puts the lobster in the pot Floyd jumps in and grabs the lobster to “save” him! But then the lobster attacks Floyd and kills him with his claws!”
Thanks Dom! Nothing beats a good lobster fight!

Watch out Tony Hawk! We got another idea:


Thanks dude! – MAN VS.

We’ve been threatening to do a Man Vs. Man or Man Vs. Floyd for some time now, but Wade just nailed it when he sent in this idea:

“Man vs Man. In the do it yourself cloning machine, Floyd has met his perfect match when he succesfully clones himself, only Floyd 2 will stand for no less than to be number 1. Who will win, Floyd or Floyd, and how will Ted cope with two Floyds??”
Cloning Machine

Thanks Wade! Stay tuned- this idea just might get greenlit in the near future!

Man Vs.

Here’s one from Brian P: MAN VS. PIRATES
Man Vs. Pirates Black Eye
“How about a pirate scene? Walking the plank?”

Thanks Brian! We might just have to do a MAN VS. PIRATES! Maybe we’ll call on the EMC Monkeys again- they rock.

Here’s one from Matt M: MAN VS. WOMAN

“Man vs women, Floyd tries to get a date with the one chick “boys are crazy” then she ends up so put off by him she accidently kills him…”

Stephanie Little and Trevor Boelter

Thanks Matt! We love Stephanie and just might have to bring her back for some Floyd-style fun.

Another Suggestion: MAN VS. UNCLE SAM!
Uncle Sam
Does Floyd have enough money to take on Uncle Sam?!

Thanks AR!

Here’s Lindi’s suggestion:
Using the pool that u guys
used for Man Vs. Archers have Ted swimming then a fin appears behind
him . Floyd is seemingly reading a newspaper, but he’s actually controlling the fin. Ted looks back and sees the fin and freaks out and starts thrashing around in the water trying to get out, he climbs up the edge of the pool runs over to Floyd rips the newspaper from his
hands to find that he is controlling the fin. Ted has Floyd go into the
pool to prove it was just him, when he’s in the middle of the pool a
dark shape appears behind Floyd and Ted is standing in the background
watching. All of a sudden a mouth appears under Floyd who’s still
wading in the middle of the pool and gets eaten by the shark and Ted
starts screaming like he did in Man Vs. Bomb. I call the idea Man Vs.
Shark, but you guys can call it whatever you want.
Thanks Lindi!
Man Vs. believes that our fans have the best ideas. So we’re building out our website to include a forum for YOU to post YOUR ideas! Our fans will vote on the best idea and then we’ll write it and shoot it! So keep ’em coming! email:
Water Monster

you should make an episode where man vs water monster
where a monster comes out of the bath tube =D
thanks Wes!

Man VS. Puzzle
Rubics cube
Man dies because his tongue is stuck in a Rubik’s Cube.


Thanks for the idea, Nick! We’re considering shooting this, wanna know why? Cause it’d be cheap to shoot and it’d be funny! Got a funny idea for an episode?
Email us:

Here’s another one

do either of you have access to a freezer? kinda like this:
Floyd, decked out like a vampire hunter, approaches the tomb with a giant wooden stake.
lots of gregorian chanting.
as these freezers are usually in the garage, floyd could have decked it out with fake cobwebs, sand, whatever.
in a perfect world: through one of the garage windows you could see the sun about to set . . .
as floyd opens the freezer (with appropriate tomb opening sfx – bursts of air, etc), he begins chanting and lifts the stake above his head, ready to slay.

ted opens the door to the garage and sees floyd drive a stake through his frozen dinner.

Holy Sweetness! We love the ideas- keep them coming. Man Vs. Dracula was sent in by “The Caged Cajun.” He’s going to guest-star in a future episode of ManVs., trust you us! Thanks to the Caged Cajun!

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  1. David Says:

    Man verse Alien

    floyd is seated watching television and we see a an alien face hugger slither across the floor toward him. Floyd sense something and pulls out a large gun, looks around in fear, shakes his head, drops the gun, picks up a chainsaw, looks around again. drops it and picks up a tiny paring knife and begins to stalk through the house. suddenly from no-where the alien face hugger lands on floyds face and he rampages through the house smashing into things struggling with the creature. Ted comes through the door “wha.. the..?” floyd expires onto the floor. as Ted begins to berate floyd for the mess he again made… floyd suddenly sits up and screams, rips open his shirt and flings spegetti (sp) and a rubber snake on ted.

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