08 – MAN VS. Dragon- Part 1

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  1. Leigh Says:

    best one yet!! the ‘to be continued’ is hysterical

  2. Gee Jaymom Says:

    Hair raising!

  3. Dylan Says:

    Malay and EMC, lmfaooooooo.
    I could sooo spot Thin from his hair and his slouching.. hahahaha.

  4. Devin White Says:

    WOOT! Go Xin. Haha Gotta love how Danny was the only one who flipped so far

  5. steven Says:

    whoa!! is that all of emc?! i spot of course xin and malay… then there was danny and thin… but the other ninjas idk

  6. Tony Says:

    Haven’t seen all of them yet but this one and MAN VS Electricity are two of my favorites. Just found you this a.m. and already posting about the MAN VS goodness on my blog Bonez. Looking forward to the next two parts of MAN VS Dragon!


    i think man will win the battle if only he can remove the heart of the dragon and poke it nine times, because the dragon has nine lives to live on earth then the dragon will finally die and go to hell.

  8. venus mann Says:

    Can’t WAIT for part II!!! Please hurry!

  9. chokchai Says:

    please hurry

  10. Dan Says:

    These r Awesome.Hurry with the next1

  11. Dan Says:

    Man v.s. Electricity is off da chain!

  12. Steve Says:

    Beautiful take of Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris. You even included the cat meow, Norris’ crazy back hair, and everything. Love it! Good job!

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